Health & Wellbeing

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We return to this sector to deal with one of the most pressing issues of our time – mental health and wellbeing. In particular our Green Zones project deals with a crucial aspect – safeguarding young people. Pressure from social media, examinations, other young people, adults, violence and sexual abuse are just some of the lifechanging experiences many young people have to endure.


Working with the Department of Health ‘Healthy Schools Team’ we developed a single approach that enables a young person to recognise and deal with ANY situation that may cause them physical or emotional distress.


It’s the first conflict identification and recognition programme that:

  • Empowers young people

  • Can be taught and applied in 15 minutes

  • Fits on a credit card


Sun awareness


Tasked by the Department of Health to promote sun awareness to young people we developed and delivered a highly effective programme into 50 Local Authority areas.


As well as the base message we produced an innovative approach to encouraging young people to use sunscreen.  Over 250,000 units of our Hot Ice brand were purchase by parents for their children.


We were personally commended for this campaign by the Minister of Health.


Water in schools

1998 to 2005

It seems impossible now but back in 1998 children had no access to drinking water during the day other that from toilet washbasins at break-time. We were approached by the Department of Health to see if there was a cost-effective way of countering this. The answer was simple and still evident in the majority of schools today. We encouraged schools to allow students to bring bottles filled with water into the classroom. This was not easy as teachers feared constant water fights.


We managed to prove that students could be responsible and that their performance would improve. In order to cut the cost of implementation we sourced cost effective bottles that schools could afford to buy. Over the period of the campaign, over 1 million bottles were supplied to schools.

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