Our videos 

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We produce, write, direct, film and edit our own films. We have a full range of filming equipment - including a drone - which is particularly useful for landscape and environmental filming.

We rarely charge our clients for making them a film - we believe it's important that they have a record of the work we have undertaken and it also offers those people and partners who have contributed towards the success of the project a real chance to see the impact they have made.

We made 19 film productions for the Broads Authority 'Water, Mills & Marshes' project and only requested a financial contribution towards making two of them.


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The video on the left was made, free of charge, to document one school's experience, Reedham Primary,  of the 'Water, Mills & Marshes' project.

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The video on the right was made, free of charge, for How Hill Nature Reserve, Norfolk, in appreciation of their assistance.

The video on the left 'Life of a Marshman' was made, free of charge, for the Wind Energy Museum, Norfolk.