Transport and Road Safety

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Lowestoft Local Links. 
2012 to 2015

We won the contract to deliver this £5 million sustainable transport programme managed by Suffolk County Council. Our task was to educate and encourage the local population to make more use of sustainable transport in the Lowestoft region.

We developed an engagement strategy to reach schools, colleges and the local community. We introduced specific events to support our overall approach. These included the hosting of a cycle festival that registered 5,000 attendees during the two years we produced it.

The overall programme won two awards. One for the use of local student volunteers and Claritie won Suffolk County Council’s ‘Business Partner of the Year’ award for our work in the community.

Smarter Choices Roadshow
2008 to 2012

Well ahead of trend we identified the need to support and promote a greener transport environment. We knew that demonstrating would be far more effective than preaching so we devised a mobile roadshow that could showcase the latest in electric cycle and motorcycle technology.

We visited over 500 schools and hundreds of locations during the four-year project. This was the first sustainable transport roadshow that could demonstrate the benefits of a greener way to travel. We were personally commended for this by the Minister for Transport.

Be Safe – Be Seen
2004 to 2008

Tasked by Road Safety Officers throughout the country to develop a campaign that would reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) on our roads, we introduced the ‘Be Safe – Be Seen’ campaign to over 50 Local Authority areas.

As well as promoting the base message, we developed a complete range of fun, but safety compliant, reflective clothing for children and adults. Over 100,000 units a year were purchased by members of the public.

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